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BMS Solutions specializes in the design, supply & rental of modular container that provides maximum durability while offering unmatched versatility.






BMS Solutions is an East London-based Company offering temporary or permanent space solutions, with the ability to service all parts of South Africa.  

Our units are manufactured using an insulated panel with an Expanded Poystyrene core, sandwiched between two AZ-150 Frost White Aluzinc Chromodek sheets. The external Chromodek sheeting is ideal for all weather conditions, and performs a decorative internal function, along with being the perfect insulator for all South African Climates. This product is extremely robust making it the ideal long-term investment. BMS Solutions offers Pre – Assembled Units, as well as flat pack units, suitable for clinics, site Offices, ablutions, Storage facilities, and more. We can tailor your unit to best suit your specific requirements.

Portable Container Offices

No matter how large or small your requirements, modular container office buildings from BMS  can give you any size of office container building for any number of people. Whether it’s a permanent addition or temporary office space, it will share the same high-quality of manufacture and come with outstanding service.

Our container models have advantages of fast production, easy to transport, set-up in a short time and with economic price and are produced with completely pluggable screw system with technological production.

Our products are manufactured by 50 mm wall thickness and 125mm roof sandwich that give high insulation rate with dimensions of 300×700 cm 230×600 and have up to 20 different types. Our 300×700 cm model are produced fully demounted system which first in the world, are easy to install and transport for international shipping standards.

Your portable container offices can provide either permanent solutions for your office building or temporary container office space, and that comes down to what business requirements you have. For larger container office developments modular container office buildings give you all the quality of a traditional build but up to 70% faster. We regularly offer office space for sale, including office container buildings, huts, holiday and leisure homes with toilets, showers and washbasin. High-tech production and high-tech design create structurally sound spaces using high-quality, lightweight materials. With the support of experienced designers, you get a modular office that works for you. Flat modular container offices are ideal if you work in hard-to-reach areas such as narrow aisles and alleys, flyovers or subways. When you need office space in a workplace container, you need to set up the space quickly without sacrificing comfort, safety and durability. Our portable office containers can be installed quickly to create convenient workspaces in construction, manufacturing, petrochemical, oil and gas and industrial applications.

Security Huts containers

Versatile, functional and practical modular security huts

BMS, has over 35 years of experience in the development and manufacture of GRP multi-purpose security huts containers and cabins, security gatehouses, Ticket offices, Car park control kiosks, enclosures and waiting/payment shelters.

Our GRP Security Gatehouse are robust and secure, as well as providing a well-insulated and well-ventilated working environment that stays comfortable all year round. GRP Security Gatehouse containers buildings from Karmod Cabin, are fitted with extensive double-glazed windows for all-round visibility. Security hut containers and cabins can be fitted for enhanced protection and we can also feature a built-in hatch and counter for efficient processing of visitors or deliveries to your site. BMS provides quickly built high-quality guard house containers , security huts containers, guard booths, guard shelters, border inspection booths, security access control checkpoints and observation towers. Karmod’s guard houses are all prefabricated guard houses.

Modular Kiosk & Spaza Container Types

BMS is proud to introduce its wide collection of modular kiosks suitable for anywhere and for any purpose. It is no coincidence that you come across BMS kiosks while wandering the streets of Istanbul, London, Abuja, Riyadh, Kuwait, Doha, Paris and dozens of other cities around the world. Modular kiosks are produced with modern technology and advanced control mechanisms. The material used is very durable and every stage of production is supervised by our expert teams. Polyurethane foam is injected into the wall and roof panels for maximum insulation. While thermal insulation provides ease of use, it also increases its sustainability. The demountable structure makes it easy to move the kiosks to the desired location. Its portability is not just a convenience feature during delivery. When you receive the product, you can change its location or customize it according to your own wishes.

Ready-to-Use, Affordable and Flexible Modular Space Solutions


Quick assembly, Easy transportation, Flatpack containers.

modular flat-pack container and home building solutions. A profitable way to cover your operations and employees. Karmod Modular Flat-pack container and Modular Home.

Cost-effective, portable solution for the complete prefabricated campsite works to set up, to assist clients such as rescue operations, military, and non-governmental organizations, and other customers who require a prefabricated, relocatable building for use in remote locations. Karmod offers customized products that help keep occupants safe in some of the toughest and most dangerous places around the world. BMS modular solutions are also widely used by private and public companies for temporary or permanent, easy to set up workspaces, infrastructure buildings, and other construction applications.

Sometimes operations require plants or shops to be located in remote locations and this can mean sending labor to these locations for periods of time. Typically, they may be mining, oil exploration, or energy facilities, located anywhere from cold northern climates to hot deserts. This is where complete Karmod custom modular camp solutions are the answer. Safe and comfortable places to live and work, they offer the most economical solution for your operation.

Karmod offers a wide range of modular units that have been optimized for use in many different applications. Our engineers work with the best materials to meet your specific needs. Walls, doors, lighting, ventilation, partitions, color are some of the ways we can adapt a building to meet your needs. Flat pack house everything you need to know about modular houses.


Buildings can be used in many types of industries and applications.

Karmod modular flat-pack container units offer a perfect combination of varied and portable qualities that make them ideal for use as site offices, housing, sanitary facilities, or any other commercial application. From basic comfortable solutions to versatile, modular units incorporating quality materials, Karmod Prefabricated allows you to build a business specifically for your own needs.

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2400mm x 2400mm x 2680mm high

2400mm x 3720mm x 2680mm high

2400mm x 6000mm x 2680mm high

3 Units per interlink



2400mm x 2400mm x 2680mm high

2400mm x 3720mm x 2680mm high

2400mm x 6000mm x 2680mm high

12 Units per interlink


Our prefabricated containers are built with flexibility in features that allow you maximum comfort and convenience.

  • 1 x DB Board
  • 1 x Caravan plug (Power supply)
  • 3 x Double Plugs
  • 1 x Light Switch
  • 2 x 5ft LED Lights
  • Depending on the unit size (Above Elec spec is for a 6m container)


Our containers are robust while remaining aesthetically pleasing. Their rapid deployment makes them ideal for many uses.

  • Mobile Clinics / Laboratories / Emergency Hospitals
  • Site offices / Mobile offices / On-site Storage
  • Spaza shops / Security Huts / Trade Show container
  • Ablutions / Showers
  • Schools / Pre-schools / Aftercares
  • Green House / Vertical farming / Concierge farming
  • Wind Turbine plant room / Solar Microgrid / HVAC

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